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We are meeting students of all ages via Zoom wherever they are - at home or in the classroom.

Each programme comprises three sessions of around an hour each with art projects to be completed in between. We discuss and dance our way through the Universe of atoms to explore their origins, size, contents and delicate interactions with light. Read feedback from students and teachers below and see their creations.

Please email us if you would like to join:

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  • I enjoyed learning about atoms. I enjoyed it all - Roisin.

  • I enjoyed just learning about atoms. I don't think there's anything you can do better. - Elsa.

  • I have really enjoyed all the dancing and artwork.  I wish we could have this every week!  I have learnt so much here, thanks! - Zellie

  • 🤣🤣  You teaching us. This lesson is fun!!!!!! Rasharn 

  • Mobile making.  Thank you. I love this class. Susie

  • I’ve enjoyed learning about atoms and how many there are.

  • I like how you and Alex taught me about atoms. I never knew about them until now.

  • 🤪  Less homework might be better 🤔🤔 William

  • Can we have more time? I really like science. IM SUPER SAD TO GOOO GOOD BYE :,,,,(Lena P

  • I think what was really great was how we could all see the slides that you were showing, because it helps me imagine what the atoms look like or what they do. Also thank you so very very much for teaching us, you and Alex. Again thank you. Lena F

  • I have enjoyed getting to know more about atoms than I did before. I have loved making the projects 😊 thank you so so much for teaching me about atoms. I had the best time it was a lot of fun learning and so creative. Ella Rose

  • I enjoyed the crafts and the mobile and the pictures of Hannah's lab. Finlay

  • I like that it’s a chance to learn and be creative with art because it’s a really nice lesson for me because we chat about the world and how it’s important and an amazing universe. I also like it because u can make whatever you want just based on the art like my ‘big bang’ was super messy and big. Ava Mae

  • I found that it was really interesting how everything is made out of atoms. Aoife

  • I enjoyed making the mobile. Alex

  • I liked doing the moving around activity linked to the colour of atoms and making the mobiles. Milo

  • I really enjoyed learning about how many atoms are in a single A4 paper. Emily

  • I enjoyed the mobile making most because we used creativity and our ideas on our chosen atom. Frank

  • I enjoyed making the mobile, I would have liked to have gone over more of the elements/atoms. Lucas

  • I liked how they listened to us and gave us the time to ask questions. David

  • I liked making the mobiles and Luke and Geraldine helped us a lot. Sebastian

  • Many thanks for the Atoms Zoom sessions. Eira got a lot out of it. She enjoyed the fact it was fun and inclusive and everyone had a chance to speak. She enjoyed all the creative activities and thought it was well organised. She can't think of anything you could do better, except she'd prefer the time to be later than 10 o'clock (but I think it was fine!). Eira’s Mum


Absolutely amazing experience of not only being able to access challenging concept in a very child friendly way, but also to participate in an engaging workshop that most likely kept the children's minds away from what has been currently happening in the world. Great sessions not only for learning, but also for mental health and well-being. I'm a big promoter of those two in my practice so thank you so much for the impact you've had. The involvement of parents in accessing these workshops was phenomenal. I've received so much great feedback from all of them and witnessed fantastic involvement in helping with the ZOOM organisation, gathering resources, communication and making sure that the children complete their homework, which is not always the case with the homework I set. SEN children were able to access the sessions fully because they are so child friendly. I can't wait to continue working with you.


The activities were well structured and allowed the young people to interpret them in their own way. I particularly thought the dance workshop with Emma was brilliant. I think the way she made it quite pedestrian worked great and really lowered the barriers for access in a dance activity (which I think can sometimes be intimidating if you haven’t danced before) – as well as making it something that really worked in the confines of a Zoom box.  It was also very clearly linked to the topic.

I really enjoyed them all and look forward to working with you again. Thank you so much for getting involved with us at City Lions!

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Everything is made of different recipes of atoms. 
Make a collage that expresses this idea.

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We have discovered atoms, how small they are, their origins, their light spectra and the protons and electrons inside them.
Make a mobile that expresses some of these ideas.

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Thank you to St Martin of Porres School, Westminster City School, Westminster City Lions.

Supported in 2020 by Imperial College's Rapid Response Seed Fund Award.

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